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Gogh Lives On!

Running with the storms
lancing the dark-bluish skies
into halves, the rough ground trembling beneath
tiny feet, he dared the wind and the thunder
to intimidate or stop
the runner in the
wilderness or in the middle of the
manic city obsessed with high-end cars and corner offices,

denying access to outsiders like him, the shabby artist—
bearded, ears pierced, eyes having
that shade of madness carried once by

frightening to the regular 9X5 O’ clock crowd of
regulars, wearing top hats and silken ties
on the tube or the boulevards of Paris on a lazy Sunday afternoon,
or walking near a sleeping Seine, discussing art with a famished street artist.

Come down, ya!
Come down, ya!

the gods of lightening and thunder, of skies and rains
and smite me with your bolt—this puny man challenging the gods!
Come down from the heights!

Let me race you to the summits
or down in the vales,
if not, then in the city
with its toxic streets
and malls filled with standardized crowds
eyeing discounted sales and buy back offers

and capture the ecstasy in words and visuals
of visions
never properly understood by the prim folks!

© Sunil Sharma

Writer | Critic | Editor | Freelance Journalist | Reviewer | Literary Interviewer

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At the same height of
Every rocky mountain
Above all seasonal change
You are widely cut open

As if to bite a whole patch of
Sky from heaven
With rows of rows of
Whale-like teeth

© Yuan Changming

Yuan Changming, nine-time Pushcart nominee, published monographs on translation before moving out of China. With a Canadian PhD in English, Yuan currently edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver; credits include Best of Best Canadian Poetry (10th anniv. ed.), BestNewPoemsOnline, Threepenny Review and 1319 across 40 countries.   

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Manifesto: We Support Diversity And Freedom Of Speech!

We here at Excavation are avid supporters of the first amendment, regardless of feelings. It’s one of the few rights that make America great! Supporting this right does not in any way mean we endorse violence. To think otherwise is ridiculous.

We would never, like certain people on the left, condone the motto, “Punch A Nazi!” People are not to be attacked over their beliefs. We as American’s are entitled to believe whatever it is we choose. Regardless of your feelings. To live is to be offended. I deal with it myself everyday of the week. 

Personally, I’m a fan of Louis Farrakhan. Be that as it may, I wouldn’t be permitted to attend one of his lectures because of my race. That’s fine, I don’t hold it against him. The man is a damn good teacher! I’ve learned a plethora of beneficial information from Mr. Farrakhan that’s been expedient to my intellectual studies. One day I’d like to shake his hand, if time would permit it. The thought of starting a counter movement against The Nation Of Islam never entered my mind until now. The thought alone is absurd! I believe in DIVERSITY! 

I’ve been a volunteer at The Light Of Life Rescue Mission for almost four years now. We help people from all races and walks of life. It’s truly a beautiful thing! The feelings ensued by philanthropy are the best available to man. An intrinsic euphoria! Go volunteer instead of condemning those you don’t understand, it’s a better use of time. Believe me, you’ll thank me later. 

I believe everyone should be proud, all races, ethnicities and genders. We’ve all been through some excruciating shit. We’ve all been lied to as well. Erasing history is not the answer. Most people are oblivious to the fact that Whites were the first slaves in America. Yeah, it’s a fact. A fact that doesn’t coincide with the divisive narrative of the media. Think about it. What’s their agenda? Divide! Control! Prevail! America is in dire need of critical thinking. Stop letting the media think for you! 

I condemn the removal of Confederate Statues as much as I would condemn the removal of the Martin Luther King Jr. Statue. This apeasal is promoting discord among the general public. And for your information, plenty of black soldiers fought in the Confederacy. This is another convenient fact that is suppressed from the public. They’ve been misleading you for years! 

I always have and always will endorse diversity. Different cultures offer their own distinct beauty to the world. 

I always have and always will condemn divisive ideologies like Cultural Marxism which has no tolerance for diversity. It contradicts Americanism! Undermines us as a people! Equality is a myth, a fallacy. All I see is difference. In my opinion, difference is what makes America great!

Editor in chief – Michael Marrotti

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To The Girl I Bullied In College 

20 years ago, we should have been friends.
We were so much alike. Your awkwardness
painfully mirrored my own. It was
never about you. I see that now.

You were everything I hated
about me. Why you kept trying,
I will never know. Those times
I made you feel small are a barb

in my dermis, an ache in my
left ventricle. I was proud of you
secretly on the day you’d had enough;
neck straight, head up turned, spine

a column of self worth. You had earned
your stripes early on. I’ve only just learned how.

© Janette Schafer

Janette Schafer is a freelance writer, photographer, and opera singer living in Pittsburgh.  She is a 2017 Maenad Fellowship Awardee through Chatham University.  Recent and upcoming publications include Eyedrum Periodically, PublicSource, Chatham University broadsides, The Woman Inc., and Nasty Women and Bad Hombres Anthology.

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I have figured out
the simplicity of poetry
before the dead’s’
previous experiments,
asymmetrical diabolical lines
in iambic pentameter,
with bad karma commas
measuring the length
of love and pain
one syllabic sickness
at a time with the
shaking shape of every
rhythmic rhyme.

© Chris Butler

Once upon a time, Chris Butler was referred to as “the next rising star of the poetry scene”, before he discovered that stars burn out before they fade away.

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Advice For An Electron 

The realm of
the potentially
into life,
and an
of death
are on
life is Hell
on the way
back to
if no
immediate task
or belief
your wavering
sink all the
while attempting
to swim.

© Randall K. Rogers

I am similar to a biblical figure, yes.  Not sure which one yet.  Probably Abraham’s son, the one he almost greased.  Nevertheless, I don’t know what.  Currently, I’m a taxi driver.  I live in South Dakota.  I’m fifty-six years now.  Bless you all.  In the photo, I’m on the left!!

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No More 

 fetch you here,

fetch you home.


fetch my lips to thine.

fetch my arse to this.


fetch you dinner.

fetch you a snog.


fetch your groceries.

fetch your washing and ironing.


fetch your slippers 

fetch my social to your wallet.


fetch my hand up to stop thy fist.

fetch your belongings in a black bag.


fetch your gob and its mouthful.

fetch mesen to thy want.

© Paul Brookes

Paul Brookes was, and is a shop assistant, after employment as a security guard, postman, admin. assistant, lecturer, poetry performer, with “Rats for Love”, his work included in “Rats for Love: The Book”, Bristol Broadsides, 1990. First chapbook “The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley”, (Dearne Community Arts, 1993). Read his work on BBC Radio Bristol. Recently published in Blazevox, Nixes Mate, Live Nude Poems, The Bezine, The Bees Are Dead and others. “The Headpoke and Firewedding” (Alien Buddha Press, 2017) illustrated chapbook, “A World Where” (Nixes Mate Press, 2017) “The Spermbot Blues” (OpPRESS, August 2017).

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Famous People In Different Jobs [Episode 1] Robin Williams (Flash Fiction) 

….what if famous people didn’t become famous and had to work in the real world….this is my take on that….episode I Robin Williams selling S&M supplies on QVC….Hello Ladies & ungentle have too be or you wouldn’t be here watching me right now….my name is Robin Williams and BOY do i have some deals for you…S&M like you’ve never seen before all at an affordable price…..straight from the house de Sade …whether you want collars gags shackles or harnesses we’ve got it all for you….does her screaming scare the school children on the playground just outside of your bedroom window? we got you covered…with this all new ball-gag..guaranteed not to let out a peep…..whats that Lassie …Timmy fell down the well again…well lets keep him there this time with our trusty dusty expandable man-hole cover…wanna beat her like that horse that lost the triple crown and cost you your summer house & vacation…well we’ve got that too…from riding crops to floggers ,paddles & whips…oh my …riding crops floggers paddles & whips…riding crops floggers paddles & whips…your most definitely not in Kansas anymore Dorothy .and if you are just a beginner we’ve got just the book for you…Captain Jacks guide to 101 sure fire rope knots she is guaranteed not to get out of….and for the experienced master The seductive art of Japanese rope bondage…just hour later and your going to want to tie her up all over again….does she like her nipples twisted…well we’ve got a clover clamp that will twist that sucka right off for ya [ AAHHHHHH!!!] quiet now dear, i’m trying to sell these nice people something….see …should have had the ball gag….you’ll be able to carry that thing around and suck on it whenever you please {suck suck] like i am doing right now…thank you dear…we’ve got everything from blindfolds &belts to slings & swings…and it can all be yours today …not for a thousand dollars…hell not even for a hundred dollars …no today i can give you all of this.for the low low price of 99.99 …you even get a one year subscription to Hogged & Tied..BDSM in the bedroom…a 12.95 value absolutely free….and if you act right now i will also throw in a one yearmembership to Bound to the glory hole..the no # 1 dating site for BDSM enthusiasts….don’t worry if you look like ..Jocelyn Wildenstein on a bad day…your going to have a hood on your face anyway…..

© Terry Smith

Terry Smith is the pen name for a broke ass writer living somewhere in the Great Atlantic North East.

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Interview: Matt Borczon

1. Hello, Matt. How’s your mental health?

It is a work in progress, I just failed at cognitive retraining therapy, freaked out and stopped going and changed my phone number. I thought I was ready, but sadly not yet. Still I hold a job and try to maintain friendships.

2. Where do you hail from, and how’s that working out for you?

I am from Erie, Pa and have been here all my life except when the Navy takes me away. I like it well enough, not much happening here for young people but at 52 I am right at home. Work is steady, living is cheap. There is quiet to write in.

3. What kind of anti-psychotics or mood stabilizers are you prescribed, and have they been expedient to the creative process? 

None for a long time, funny thing the Navy has no problem with letting you serve with PTSD they just won’t let you treat it. I have been off meds for a long time now. I was on Celexa and a benzodiazepine for while, it helped but made me lose any sense of urgency I had. I am better off without them.

4. Have you, like most creative people, struggled with addiction?

 I try to believe the answer is no, but I am a pretty heavy drinker, sober just over 3 weeks today though. I like many self medicate to get by. I have been trying to get ahold of this just lately. It is early in the game so I have no real prediction for how it will turn out yet.

5. Was the time you served in Afghanistan as a nurse worth the cost of admission?

The million dollar question! Ok, here is the thing. If you decide to serve in the military it is a part of the job, no use complaining. I knew what I signed on for and I am proud of that service. I patched up people wounded and broken, ours, and theirs anyone who needed it. I have pride in that. That I would have all the problems that came after I left I never counted on. Stranger is that the writing about it, which I was only doing to try to get it out of my head, has brought me more attention than any other writing I had ever done. My first publications came from people on a closed poetry facebook page. I was just posting looking to see if they even sounded like poetry and I did not know that some members had journals, so when they asked me to publish my stuff I was surprised. That is got the response it did was more surprising. I have this strange benefit from this thing I wish had never happened all wrapped up in a job I picked, on a deployment I volunteered for. It is a strange world.

6. Has writing poetry been beneficial to your struggle with PTSD?

It has, I find that it allows me to tell the story enough times that it finally feels told. I hope some day to wake up with nothing more to say about Afghanistan, or PTSD. I doubt it will totally go away, same way I will always have PTSD but it gets a little softer around the edges. I am also starting to see some reason to push through it all and to try to move past it, which is a big breakthrough for me.

7. What triggers the PTSD attacks you experience?

My biggest enemy is down time. If there is nothing going on I sink down into the darkest places I go, which is always back into Bastion Hospital. I need to keep a lot of balls in the air to stay distracted. I have a job, a part time job, a Navy Reserve career. Four kids and I build guitars out of cigar boxes and paint pictures and play music. If I stay busy enough then the ghosts are appeased. I am also very vulnerable to the sound of helicopters, the feeling of walking on sand and for some reason being in a tent is terrifying. 

8. Would you serve again if duty calls?

Absolutely, I am still a united states Navy sailor, I have at least 4 years left on my contract and might stay until I turn 60. I also doubt this PTSD thing could get worse, I am not anxious to find out though.
9. When’s the last time you had a violent episode?

Been a long time since I was violent. I tend to get depressed more now and I disassociate from people and my memories. I am a moody quiet person when it is bad. Drunk however I might get loud and break shit.

10. You have a plethora of books on the market, and plenty more in the making. How’s it feel to have the small press by the balls?

It comes from a need to constantly keep moving I am afraid of downtime so I write a whole lot. The response is what surprises me. I know there are only a handful of us writing about war just now so that helps. I also know that a lot more than just military know this illness. I meet people with PTSD all the time from other traumatic events from their own lives. To answer the question though I feel very lucky to be able to get my work out in front of people. Like all of us I wish there was money in it, but I am lucky that I have a job as a nurse I like so my bills get paid. Still, it would be cool to pay a bill or two with poetry.

11. Best publication of all time?

Do you mean what one I like reading best? Currently I am way impressed with Inbetween Hangovers, they seem to have a lot of the best writers going now. I also love Rasputin, The beatnik cowboy, Anti Heroin chic, as well as many others.

12. Contemporary poetry, love it or hate it?

Love the underground press!! Some people writing right now are set to change the face of the whole thing if you ask me! It is a huge market so I tend to stay in my corner of it, but some of the writing coming out of the small press is just incredible.

13. What’s your opinion of asshole editors on power trips?

Tough question, first most editors are doing a job. If they are professional about it cool. I get a lot more rejections than acceptances as many of us do. I do not mind as long as they are professional. I know not everyone likes my stuff, some do not even think it is poetry. OK but once you tell me that once, lets just move on. I do not let the no’s bother me much. Too busy trying to write.